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“Homestead’n Network”

Re-discover how people lived before the industrial age, through hard work and determination. With the advent of technology to make life more convenient and the help of people coming up with new ideas, Homesteading became a whole lot easier.


The Homestead’n Network promotes a Way of Life for everyone that is interested in Simple Living.

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Water, Food Preparation & Storage, Shelter, Transportation, Fire & Heat, Health and Medical, Hunting, Farm/Mini Farm/Ranch Operations, Farm/Domestic Animal Care, Gardening, Agriculture, and Other topics

Everyone has their say here. Bring your ideas, suggestions, product reviews, knowledge, and experience on Homesteading. NOTE: If it doesn’t pertain to Homesteading, it doesn’t belong in this group.

Teach and/or Learn. Everyone has a story. Nothing will be turned away pertaining to Homesteading… NOTHING!

Feel free to “Post” and If you have any files of information, such as DIY’s, How To’s, Recipes… you wish to share, Upload them to our “Files” Section.

NOTE: “We “DO NOT” endorse or take responsibility for any medical advice given here.”

Restrictions: Colorful Metaphors (Profanity) will not be tolerated. So please keep it clean.

WARNING: Trolls will be removed by any of the Moderator(s)/Admin(s) and will not be allowed to return to the network.

Please: If you come to learn or teach, bring at least 2 friends with you. It won’t be a waste of their time.

Welcome and Enjoy the network!



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